NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2019) Review – IndWebInfo

By | November 2, 2019


Most reasonable Shield TV so far

The new SHIELD TV has been a huge hit among the fans of the previous generation of Android TV.
One of the main reasons is that it is economical, which is huge plus point because when we weigh in
the target market for this, we see that a huge chunk of sales has been to the youth sector. Students
worldwide are low on budget and high on entertainment consumption. So, the fact that this Shield
TV provides seemingly endless entertainment to the consumers and at a fairly economical price,
bodes well for its producers.

Hardware and software

The new Shield TV has been equipped with TEGRA X1+ chipset, which the company claims is a whole
25% faster than its predecessor that is the TEGRA X1. There is a 2 GB memory along with an 8 GB of
storage which can be expanded by a SD Card slot. The hardware specs are certainly power packed
enough to handle all the entertainment needs of the users.
The Shield TV is run on the Android OS, which is an added bonus for the customers mainly due to the
Google functionalities.

The All-New Remote

With the introduction of the 2019 Shield TV, the company has also introduced an entirely redesigned
remote to go along with the Shield TV. The redesigned remote comes with an upgraded IR blaster
and the AA batteries have been swapped with AAA batteries this time around. Moreover, the
remote is made out of a better quality unlike the old generation of remote which felt cheap and
plastic-ey. The remote has a triangular design, which means that it will not roll easily and the all new
triangular design provides for a much stronger grip on the remote.
Lastly, it is not designed for playing video games but it does not come with a game pad so it is