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With 9xmovies, our users can download movies from all the genres and from all the different film
industries of the world. Our vast library of movie allows our users to download as many movies as
they desire and that too completely free-of-cost. Moreover, downloading movies from 9xmovies
ensures that our users get the best possible content without having to sign up or provide sensitive

As our lives have gotten very hectic over the course of the last two decades, we look for new
avenues to entertain ourselves and help us relax at the end of a very exhaustive day. Every now and
then, our heart desires a certain movie that we watched as a kid and when we watch it again it
brings back memories of a happier time. For those needs, pay a visit to 9xmovies and we promise
that you will not be disappointed.

Movie format of 9xmovies

At 9xmovies, we provide the movies in a number of various formats such as mkv, full HD and mp4.
These formats enable the users to watch these movies on any device that they have. In today’s
technologically advanced world, we tend to consume our entertainment through our hand-held
devices and for that reason alone the roles of the smartphones have changed entirely. What was
once used for mere communication, has become our everyday digital assistant and we use it for a
number of different purposes.

Download Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Using 9xmovies

The Indian sub-continent has approximately 2 billion people that the Bollywood has been catering to
for as long as they have been born and subsequently the Bollywood film industry has gone on to
have one of the largest audiences in terms of sheer number of people that go to the cinema.
Moreover, the Bollywood film industry is not contained to just the Indian sub-continent but rather
Bollywood has fans all across the world. Bollywood’s global reach can also be contributed to the fact
that it’s movies have been dubbed in several languages.

At 9xmovies, we provide our fans with all the latest movies from Bollywood. Also, the Bollywood film
industry has regional film industries that cater to the regional audiences and one great example is
the Tamil film industry or Tollywood. Tollywood has grown in popularity over the course of the last
decade or so and the one the main reasons for the rapid growth in the Tollywood film industry has
been its unique story telling and often over-the-top action scenes.

9xmovies Latest Links

Due to strict copyright laws, 9xmovies has had to change its domain numerous times. Google is
always on the hint to find websites like 9xmovies and censors the website, which essentially means
that when users try to find 9xmovies on Google, the algorithm of Google does not display the result
on the front page but rather pushes it back to the 3 rd or 4 th page. As many of us know, the results that
are displayed on the 1 st page are usually the ones that we use and not always do we go searching for
our result on the 3 rd or the 4 th page. So, the latest links of 9xmovies are as follows:

9xmovies.biz 9xmovies.cc
9xmovies.proxy 9xmovies.net

Why are these sites illegal?

Over the last decade, the online copyright laws have gotten stricter and smarter. Because if these
copyright laws many of the websites that used to provide free content have either been deleted or
have been shut down by the government. The fact that the websites that provide such content have
been deemed as illegal and are punishable under the online piracy laws, have made people vigilant
and suspicious about using such websites.

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At 9xmovies, you can download all the movies from our vast library without having to sign up or
having to enter any details whatsoever. Simply log on to our website and download the movie that
you want.


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